Is Social Media Useless for Wineries?



Social media can be a waste of time.


Well, the big picture is usually ignored. When wineries do not have strategic branding and a smart marketing plan, social media is very like to fail. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest are not equal to marketing. They are only some tools waiting to be used smartly.

 Have you ever heard a winery owner or manager saying:

“No no, we never do marketing.”

Like it is some sort of sin.  

I hear this phrase more often than you think. I try to understand the reason rather than criticizing them. It seems like marketing is reduced to couple of selfies or food pictures posted on social media channels. Naturally, people feel safer avoiding these platforms.

Social media only makes sense with a complete marketing plan and solid branding. If a tone of voice is never set, how do you expect a consistent communication? Picking the nicest vineyard photo and running an advertisement campaign on Instagram literally means nothing. However, let’s say you own an urban winery planning a marketing campaign during spring to introduce your new sexy rose combined with series of events for the entrepreneurs in your local area – well yeah, then go ahead and initiate an ad campaign with call-to-actions on various channels by targeting your client. Otherwise, it is a waste of time and a waste of money.

Social media becomes even more pointless if one fails in telling a story. Regardless of winery’s positioning in the market, being sincere has become important. Few days ago, I attended a Masterclass at Matter of Taste in Zürich. Maxime Chapoutier presented their delicious wines with 100 Parker points. But not even once, he mentioned these points! For an hour, we listened to the various difficulties of different vintages and how they managed these challenges and ended up with delicious wines. He truly connected with the audience with his sincerity. Somehow, when it comes to social media, we forget to act this real. Instead of shouting out the awards of each wine selection, why not sharing a true experience including the good and bad times?

Social media is a free  (or at least a very cheap) tool to create a community of our own and to interact with them. We are living in a world where we can speak with a winemaker in Sonoma or chat with a wine lover in Japan while sitting in our pajamas. How amazing is that? The wine industry is going through a phase where intermediaries lose power and direct sales become more significant with digital developments. Social media channels provide us an area to bypass the gateways. Plus, it’s a 2-way communication. Consumers react to different stories and engage with various activities. Where else can we collect such a valuable data?

 So, how about having another look at these magical channels with a new perspective to connect with wine lovers?

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