I am a strategic brand and marketing consultant specialized in wine and gastronomy based in Zürich. I collaborate with awesome people who are creative content writers, marketers, storytellers, web developers, graphic designers and more! I work on building memorable brands and create result-oriented marketing campaigns. My best clients are innovative and ready to be game changers!

I hold a B.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering and completed my MBA with an emphasis on Luxury Brand Management, Food and Wine in Bordeaux. In additional to my professional life, I am a WSET Diploma graduate and continue my journey as a Stage 2 Master of Wine Student. I write about wine in various platforms and my own blog Dionysian Impulse has been awarded as the Best New Wine Blog in 2016.

Well, of course it’s not all about wine! I love dancing lindy hop, listening to Billie Holiday, watching Wim Wenders movies and nowadays reading about the endless world of coffee. I am specifically interested in climate change and developing envorinmental sustainability in the wine world.

Şeyma Baş